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HighStakes is bringing back online poker. Nosebleed games, cutting edge software and a VIP program that actually rewards loyalty, are amongst some of the features that make HighStakes possibly the last opportunity for anyone in the poker world to earn a passive income for referring new customers.

3% For up to
4% For up to
4.5% For up to
5% For up to
6% For more than

Commission will be paid into your HighStakes Agent Account and then can be transferred to your player account where it can be withdrawn via methods such as Bank Transfer, Skrill and Bitcoin.

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If accepted to become a HighStakes Affiliate, you will join a limited group of agents who are entrusted to share HighStakes on their websites,
and with their personal networks.


One Account Per Player

Strict policy of one account per player, means you will be rewarded appropriately for any referral made.


New Book

HighStakes might very well represent the last chance to build a large book of players tracked to agents.


High Quality Backend

Our agent backend updates rake numbers and new accounts every 10 minutes and is fully transparent.


Lifetime Gross % of Rake

Instead of complicated Net % deals, where affiliates and marketing partners are at the mercy of the poker room, HighStakes pays a % of gross rake paid by your players.



Only a select group of agents, who truly add value will be accepted to promote HighStakes. Giving approved agents a genuine opportunity to become a part of the team and earn a significant income.


Crypto Compatible

Our players can deposit and withdraw using crypto currencies. Not only does this mean our agents can withdraw their commission in crypto-currency but they can market to a whole new demographic of gamer.

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