Withdrawal Policy

Our Withdrawal Policy can be summarised, but not exhaustively as the user being required Deposit and Rake $50 to Withdraw for Poker.
In the event the user plays on multiple products or others aside from only poker, a sufficient and reasonable level of play is required to cover processing, administrative fees and to ensure HighStakes is used to wager, not as a banking service.

1. Withdraw Processing Time

HighStakes aims to process withdrawals in 48 hours. Some requests may take up to 3-7 days depending on the amount and method used.

2. Closed-Loop deposits and withdrawal

HighStakes operates with a closed-loop policy whereby the user must withdraw to the method the funds originated (deposited) from. When multiple deposit sources are used the funds are withdrawn across these in a proportional manner.

3. Withdrawal Fees

HighStakes will charge no fees for any withdrawals. Please note that your deposit method may charge you a small % which can be found on their TOS page.

4. Exchange Rates and Volatility of Exchange Rates

HighStakes will clearly display the exchange rate you are receiving at the time of the withdrawal. This is taken from Google Finance.

5. Fraud Prevention

All withdrawals go through an internal review to ensure that fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, legal obligations and regulatory requirements are met. As a result withdrawals may be put on hold for a short period of time until investigated thoroughly. 


HighStakes have the right to cancel any withdrawal and return the funds to your cashier where: 

  • There are fraud concerns. 
  • The user withdraws without playing any games. 
  • The player tries to withdraw funds received from a P2P transfer. 
  • The chosen withdrawal method is not the same as where the original deposit came from.

6. Player Transfers (P2P)

Players cannot withdraw funds originating from a P2P which have not been used to play with.

7. Safety and Security

Player funds are held in segregated bank accounts which shall not be used for any operational purpose. This ensures that your funds can be withdrawn in accordance with our fraud prevention procedures.

8. Bonus Withdrawals

Bonus can only be withdrawn once they have been cleared and have met our TOS requirements.

9. Cancellation of Withdrawal

You cannot cancel your withdrawal once submitted.

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