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Blog - 18 Aug 2021

Poker has always been at it's most exciting when a group of players meet at the online felt, put their skin on the line and battle it out for hours on end. HighStakes brings players from all over the world together, from different backgrounds for this very famous. A fair game with likeminded users who are prepared to put their money on the line to see if their skill and heart will put them on the right side of lady luck on our big tables where hundreds of thousands have been traded on a regular basis. 

This article will outline the regular meeting times for these games, how to find them and rake structure - We're certainly living up to our name, as the most effective place to play online for HighStakes.

Core Game Days

Games will be played weekly on Sunday's and Monday's at the following times according to the user's timezone. Of course many players sit on a daily basis, but for those who need to book time out of their schedule to concentrate on the games should know these days and times to be the most popular where it's more likely to expect multiple full tables and a better variation of games.

Sunday & Monday Game Start Times: 

Timezone Start Time (Local Time)
GMT - UK 12:00
ON - Ontario, Canada 08:00
CET - European 13:00
ACT - Canberra, Australia 23:00
ICT - Indochina, Cambodia, Thai, Vietnam 19:00


Lowest Stakes:  €2.50/5.00 (NL€500)
Highest Stakes: €50/100 (NL€10k)

It is possible larger games run, however these are the most regular. HighStakes table are highlighted in red in the cash game lobby.

Rake Structure

Table Name Stakes (€) Table Type Rake % CAP (€)
Narwhal 2/5 Reg 4 5
Sammy's 2/5 RIT 4 5
Cuckoo 2/5 Straddle 4 5
Baiji 5/10 Reg 4 5
Unidentifed 5/10 Anon 4 5
Omura 10/25 Reg 6 10
Meeting 10/25 HU 6 5
Akishima 25/50 Reg 6 10
Argonaut 50/100 Reg 6 20

  • No uncapped rake
  • All rake counts towards VIP Programs, Cash leaderboards and weekly 27% Rakeback
  • Best Value Games - Game quality and low, beatable rake.

Unfortunately, HighStakes is

Unavailable in your Area

HighStakes is not available in the following regions:
Afghanistan, Curacao, Iran, Netherlands & USA

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