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About HighStakes

Founded by venture capitalists and gaming industry veterans, HighStakes primary goal is to provide a first in class online gaming platform.

With significant investment into optimising every element of user experience and a modern approach to development we are confident HighStakes represents a formidable, growing platform in the industry.

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The HighStakes logo icon is an eye catching and meaningful representation of the brand. It can be viewed in different ways. Firstly or most commonly as an H and an S letter in abstract combination but also as a dollar sign, currency symbol and many other interesting connotations.

Visit our Brand Guidelines page if you are interested in using the HighStakes logo or visit the agents page if you’re interested in promoting the brand.


HighStakes wouldn’t be a brand leader without serious merchandise that’s comfortable, understated, interesting and fashionable for our players, staff and partners to wear.

Visit the HighStakes Store to purchase merchandise or our the HighStakes Promotions page to find out how to get your hands on some SWAG just by using your skills at the online felt.

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User Driven

Our development philosophy is to be user driven. That means listening very closely to HighStakes players about what new features they would like to see implemented or what could be improved.

If you are interested in contributing to the conversation and possibly bumping a new feature up the priority list get in touch with one of our friendly agents. Also remember to Join our Telegram Channel to keep up to date with the latest features and promotions.


It’s said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and part of our user driven approach has led to our understanding of this. HighStakes offering is a straight forward, easy to use, modern gaming platform. Where each function is only a few clicks away, games run quickly from almost any location and deposits are each.

Even our merchandise is often subtle, showing just a small HighStakes logo, whilst of course being of high quality.

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A Fair Game

HighStakes own poker platform has been certified by Quinel Labs and two other RNG certification boards, ensuring the cards that are dealt are truly random.

Our games team reviews and tests third party games to ensure fairness and review each providers RNG certification.

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Join the Family

Being a relative newcomer on the scene presents a business opportunity for early adopters and those with networks in the gaming, crypto, finance and marketing community.

HighStakes promicatelj

Naši korisnici se mogu prijaviti da postanu HighStakes agenti te da imaju % od svih svojih korisnika doživotno. Do sada smo imali zadovoljstvo da surađujemo sa agentima koji dobijaju tjedne provizije od tisuća igrača sretno vezanih za pomenute agente.

Ukoliko počnete rano moguće je da stvorite veliku bazu igrača puno lakše, možda čak posstanete glavni predstavnik HighStakes u vašuj regiji.

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