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Go to our download page to get the HighStakes poker client and start playing today. If you don't have an account yet, you can register here.

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Play poker in our software and earn 100 Coins for every €1 in Rake generated on the HighStakes Poker Software.

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Redeem the coins you earned on our VIP Store for HighStakes merchandise, tournament tickets, instant cash and more.

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€50 Cash


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Coming Soon
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€100 Cash


coin icon62,500

Coming Soon
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€500 Cash


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Coming Soon
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€1,000 Cash


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€5,000 Cash


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Coming Soon

Prices are subject to change and set at the discretion of HighStakes management. All items including Tournament Tickets and Cash, require playthrough, any attempt to circumvent this or other HighStakes terms may result in account closure and confiscation of funds.

During Beta period all redemptions of coins for cash should be done via support. Coins derived via P2P transfer are not eligible to be redeemed.

Dormant account points will be deducted after a 3 month period of dormancy.
VIP Customers signed up via Master Agent may not be eligible to use the store. New low rake tables to be introduced soon.

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HIGHSTAKES currently does not accept Players
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Due to legislation and regulation of online gaming in your territory, you will be unable to access HighStakes or create an account. Use of a VPN or any tool(s) to circumvent this block is in breach of our terms and conditions and may result in your funds being seized, in addition to termination of your account.

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