VIP Program

Our VIP Program really rewards loyalty. Use this page to learn about the rules of the program,
how to earn coins and how to redeem them for cash, tournament tickets, merchandise and more.


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+ 25,000

+5,000 Bonus

30,000 Coins


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+ 250,000

+112,500 Bonus

362,500 Coins


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+ 2,500,000

+1,875,000 Bonus

4,375,000 Coins


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+ 25,000,000

+31,250,000 Bonus

56,250,000 Coins




Every year, all users begin equal, from January 1st to December 31st. These coins can be spent in the store on a wide selection of items, including isntant cash, tournament tokens, and high quality of HighStakes merchandise.

All merchandise will be sold at cost, as a token of appreciation for our users support of the quest to revive online poker.

* Red Level Bonus Coins only Redeemable if User has Balance of > 50m Coins

Spend your Coins in the Store

The more HighStakes users play, the more coins they earn. Our VIP Program will never change without due notice.

HighStakes Sunday
HighStakes Pros

HighStakes Coin8,500

Claim with coins

Black Hoodie, M

HighStakes Coin12,500

Claim with coins

White Bathrobe for Men, L


HighStakes Coin4,000

Claim with coins

Black Hat Unisex

HighStakes Coin4,000

Claim with coins

Bath Slippers, Black, Unisex

HighStakes Coin6,500

Claim with coins

Black T-Shirt, M

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