HighStakes vs. 888 Poker

This page is the writer’s best effort, objective comparison on various factors and offerings from each operator.

The goal of this article is to help either HighStakes or 888 users decide on which operator to play (if any) and get a quick understanding of the features, pros and cons of each iGaming provider.

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Criteria HighStakes 888
Licensed Yes Yes


Criteria HighStakes 888
Avg. Download Time 30 Seconds 150 Seconds
Security Flags No Yes
Time to Register 30 Seconds 400 Seconds
2FA Yes No
HTML5 Poker Yes Yes

For software, HighStakes and 888 both offer an HTML5 option for players offer faster service, players can download and register very fast.

Total Software Download Times:
HighStakes - 30 Seconds
888Poker - 150 Seconds

888 notice

As far as the HighStakes team is aware, desktop versions of the HighStakes application do not prompt the above messages or those similar to it. HighStakes does not contain malware and is purpose built to be a light, easy to access and enjoyable real money gaming application.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Criteria HighStakes 888
Min Deposit $10 $10
Max Deposit $100,000* $5,000
Cashout Time 36 Hours 6 Days
Min Withdrawal $25 $10
Max Withdrawal $100,000* $50,000 (per month)
Accept Crypto Yes No

For cashiers, HighStakes gives players more flexibility. People can deposit with crypto, have higher deposit and withdrawal limits and they can enjoy faster cashout time on HighStakes.

Bonus/player benefits:

Criteria HighStakes 888
Weekly Flat Rakeback Yes No
Deposit Bonus $10,000 $400

888poker offers $88 no deposit bonus, a single welcome bonus for all players: a 100% boost up to $400 and a number of tickets for special events.

On HighStakes, users can get 27% weekly Rakeback on every Monday. For deposit bonus, users can get a 100% first deposit bonus up to $10,000 (Released with every $25 dollars raked).

Customer Service

Criteria HighStakes 888
Avg. Support Resolution 12Hours 72Hours+

If you have any questions about playing on HighStakes or your experience here please do not hesitate to contact one of our support agents who will help you come to a resolution regarding your query as quickly as reasonably possible.

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