Balance Bonus paid every 2 weeks into your account = 3% APY

HighStakes pays you a bonus on your average balance every two weeks, equivalent to 3.00% Annually, 0.25% monthly, or 0.1275% every two weeks.

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Earn 3% Per Year Bonus on Account Balance
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Paid Every 2 Weeks on 1st and 15th of Each Month
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Minimum Eligible Balance: $500 with no cap

Summary of HighStakes Benefits

At HighStakes, we like to award our most loyal players.

  • Players automatically receive 27% Rakeback as cash weekly.
  • Up to a $2,000 deposit bonus that clears at an effective 20% Rakeback
  • 3% APY paid on their balance fortnightly
  • Compete in HighStakes Elite

As British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan once said, you’ve “never had it so good.”

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Clear a <span>$2,000 Bonus</span> at an effective 20% Rakeback Rate
HighStakes Rakeback

How do we do it?

HighStakes has a separate portfolio of funds that will always be equal or higher than the value of the sum of deposits eligible for the loyalty bonus.

We invest this portfolio across a wide range of equities allowing us to pay out the cash bonuses to our loyal users. Historically our portfolio has always outperformed the 3% goal.

The Bonus Balance payments are calculated based on the average balance for a two-week period. HighStakes is a real money gaming site and makes the bonus balance payments as a reward to loyal customers.

With this in mind, a user must be deemed to have played a reasonable amount of poker or other games on the HighStakes platform in the two-week period to receive the bonus payment.

HighStakes Portfolio includes:

  • Cash Deposit Accounts in EUR, USD & TWD
  • Physical precious metals with liquidation to cash possible in c.48 hours
  • Crypto portfolio heavily very weighted towards
  • Revenue & Profit Generating Language Translation App
  • Other angel investments
  • Money invested in Bonds, Stocks & Shares


Users with an average balance of $25,000 or more for 7 Days or more will be assigned a personal concierge agent who will be on hand to kit you up with HighStakes Finest Merchandise, answer your questions, setup custom poker games or issue challenges on your behalf and generally expediting your experience on the HighStakes platform making it even more user friendly and an operator that is head and shoulders above the rest.

It is the duty of our accountants, financial administrator and management to regularly look at these various elements and measure them against a 3% per year yard stick. Based on all historical data a portfolio as described above, weighted in the right way always outperformed.

The balance that the bonus payment is paid on is calculated as an average of the user’s balance over the two week period. The higher and more consistent the balance, there higher the bonus payment. Multiple balance snapshots will take place at undisclosed times as a matter of security, profotcal and analysis at HighStakes.


Investment Fund Weighting Example
Cash on Hand
  • In 1kg, 100g and 1oz bars
  • Predominantly Bitcoin, but also some other cryptocurrencies
  • 2 Houses & 2 Apartments
  • Technically intangible assets, but domain names, phone numbers, and other carefully selected collector's items on which we have an overall history of multiplying the entry price by three - The key is patience

Email SMS & Tracking

You will receive SMS notifications of your bonus payments via the phone number registered to your account. We will only send you notifications about bonus payments and the occasional promotion that you are eligible for via SMS and email. If you'd prefer not to receive these messages, you can opt-out in the My Account area.

We are also creating a HighStakes Telegram Bot, which will eventually offer games, deposits, casino, and more.

What is Loyalty?

At HighStakes, we believe in building a solid bond between our players and us. We understand that you have choices, and we appreciate you choosing our site to play on. As actions speak louder than words, we have introduced the following ways to show you how much we value you.

The Balance Bonus program automatically pays you 3% APY on your balance held with us.

A personal concierge for any player with a balance above $25,000 allows you to customise your experience and receive personalised solutions to any problems.

Our most loyal users will receive gifts such as Custom Nikes, HighStakes Luxury Jewelry, or IT Equipment.

Head of Sales at HighStakes, Charlie NG has emphasised the value of this offering by stating:

“We are once again delighted to offer a completely unique player benefit that makes sense, isnt offered by any competitor in the industry and well deserved by the players.”