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Roulette is one of the most recognizable casino tables in the world with its wheel, balland red/black betting squares, roulette is the game that ‘Broke the Bank inMonte Carlo’ as the famous song goes.

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Roulette is also responsible for the Gambler’s Fallacy. When the ball fell on black 26 times in a row, ‘unlucky’ gamblers lost millions of francs betting that red was bound to turn up next, so be warned – that’s not how probability works!

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Classic Roulette

An electronic fast and furious roulette game developed by OneTouch

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European Roulette

Play Roulette with only a Single Zero on the table

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Live Roulette Gold

Get your prize multiplied if the ball lands on a pre-determined number

How to Play Roulette

The basic rules are very simple and a round of roulette looks like this:


Choose which number(s) you want to bet on & choose a bet size that fits your bankroll


Place your chips on your chosen number or numbers


The dealer spins the wheel and sets the ball rolling


It lands on the winning number (and colour). And the dealer pays out winning players


Roulette is a simple game played in most casinos around the world. It contains a fixed set of probabilities with no real skill required to play the game.

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House Edge


Games Available





OneTouch, Ezugi, Vivo

Live Games Available


Min / Max Stake

$0.01 / $10,000

Languages Available

English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish

Huge Selection of Games, More Excitement

As with other casino games, there’re slightly different rules depending on where and which variation of roulette you play, the US game having a double-zero for example whereas the European is single-zero. You can play both of these, and many more roulette variants, here on HighStakes

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