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Founded with the mission to run the biggest online poker games in the world, today HighStakes is private gambling platform of choice with superior service and technology. Casino, Poker, Sports, Trading & more.

The HighStakes Poker Story

“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well”

Once upon a time, the founders of HighStakes loved to play online poker. Over time, the industry experienced consolidation and the only remaining businesses in the market set about changing the fundamentals of the game,

in quest of profit. Sitting down at an online poker table with $10,000 became a memory of the past, and even those skilled enough to win often struggled to withdraw their hard earned winnings.

Play With the Pros

In the game of poker, there are winners and losers, but the game must be fair and the opportunity to win has to exist. HighStakes has enlisted the assistance of Poker Pros, and passionate online gamblers, to develop a gambling website, they are happy to return to month after month.

Our Poker Team

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Luke Schwartz

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Joseph Cheong


The Liar

HighStakes PLO Player with > $1m in tracked profit


Model, Pretty MC & HighStakes Host

Alexey Shirokov

CEO of PokerOff and other poker portals in Russia & the baltics

Antanas Guoga

Businessman, Member of European Parliament for Lithuania & poker player

Ronnie O’Sullivan

Professional snooker player, regarded as the greatest of all time

Jamie Nevin

Founder of gaming marketing group 180Vita, which operates poker brands like PokerVIP, PokerTube & non-gaming related websites.

Financial Solutions

Clients come to HighStakes, because their needs are unique, and we value discretion. Our focus on high value users, allows our service team the time to focus on tailoring solutions, and exciting gambling opportunities.

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P2P Transfer

Verified HighStakes users can transfer money between to other HighStakes accounts. Whether it be to stake a friend in a Private Poker Game, or introducing a friend to the HighStakes experience, this function is an integral part of the platform.

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Concierge Level Solutions

Choose from deposit and withdrawal methods like Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller and Credit Cards. HighStakes, has solutions for large deposits and withdrawals, for users around the world.

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Locked Exchange Rates

HighStakes takes exchange rates from Google Finance and locks the rates every Monday. This means users can transfer between currencies and not lose a cent on exchange. We are in the business of Online Gambling, not currency exchange.

VIP Program

Our VIP Program really rewards loyalty. Play more, earn HighStakes Coins and redeem in the HighStakes Store for a selection of items and instant cash.


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+ 25,000

+5,000 Bonus

30,000 Coins


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+ 250,000

+112,500 Bonus

362,500 Coins


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+ 2,500,000

+1,875,000 Bonus

4,375,000 Coins


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+ 25,000,000

+31,250,000 Bonus

56,250,000 Coins

Our VIP Program runs from January 1st → December 31st and VIP levels of all users reset each year.

Red Level Bonus Coins only Redeemable if User has Balance of > 50m Coins

Spend your Coins in the Store

The more HighStakes users play, the more coins they earn. Our VIP Program will never change without due notice.


HighStakes Coin8,500

Claim with coins

Black Hoodie, M

HighStakes Coin12,500

Claim with coins

White Bathrobe for Men, L


HighStakes Coin4,000

Claim with coins

Black Hat Unisex

HighStakes Coin4,000

Claim with coins

Bath Slippers, Black, Unisex

HighStakes Coin6,500

Claim with coins

Black T-Shirt, M

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HighStakes Casino

It wouldn’t be HighStakes, if our users could not put it all on the line in our casino.

Our games have the highest possible bet limits, and HighStakes casino has a focus on high volatility games, to give users the best chance of spinning it up.

Enjoy the ‘first look’ at some of the casino industry’s newest releases and wager directly against the HighStakes owners - Can you PRESS IT hard enough?

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Coming Soon

Look forward to Sports, Trading and other games coming soon.

A Revolution is Coming!

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