Our Mission is to Take Back Poker

Poker is like life. There will be winners and losers, but the game must be fair and the opportunity to win must exist, otherwise it's nothing more than a trick.

Online poker gifted an entire generation a chance to attain freedom. Whether it was financial freedom, the opportunity to escape a mundane office job, or just the chance to escape reality for a few hours and dream, there was once a genuine golden age.

Many who seized this opportunity have gone on to do amazing things in the world - Starting all kinds of businesses, becoming successful investors, giving to charity, traveling the world and so much more.

Those who succeeded in online poker, learned skills that helped them immensely in other areas of life.

Most professionals, can attest that their time playing poker taught them a whole new style of logic and thinking.

However, like all good things, this golder era of online poker and opportunity came to an end.

Large corporations gave up their loyalty to the very essence of poker, and are now beholden to investors, banks and shareholders. These organizations exclusively pursue profit, at the cost of the game that was once the foundation of their business.

The Online Poker dream was Quietly Suffocated

Any winning player became an enemy of the corporations, for they believe any withdrawal from the system, represents lost profit. If nobody withdrew money every deposit would eventually become our revenue, CEOs proclaimed.

For this reason, passionate poker players have witnessed the destruction of a game that encapsulates the essence of humanity. Where two players can sit down and face each other, and the person with the best preparation, most discipline and strongest nerve, will usually prevail.

Fast fold variants of poker, removal of heads up tables and countless other changes have turned modern day online poker into a lottery, instead of a skill game.

Online poker can no longer offer even a fraction of talented players the chance for freedom. In fact it has turned into a maya, an illusion, a fugazi of epic proportions.

The HighStakes mission is to revive poker, to allow a new generation to dream of a better future and aspire to one day become a professional.

Like life, there will be losers and winners, but HighStakes users can sit down at our tables, and know, that although they will face challenges, those who are dedicated can win and achieve their dreams.

Know that, we do not stand alone, and extend our eternal gratitude to our Team Pros, Ambassadors, Friends and Users.

The story of Rail Heaven

The amazing stories of the wonder kids, who went from $50 deposits to multi-millionaires within a period of years are a large part of what made poker great.

These super high stakes games where there single pots of a million dollars, created an infectious buzz and remain some of the most memorable moments in online poker history. As the corporations focused on creating an illusion on this dream, rather than the real thing, executives realised it would be more profitable for these players to be directed towards their casino and so one of the most magical aspects of online poker died.

HighStakes promises to restore high stakes action and become the platform where millions of people will witness nailbiting pots and legends be made.

Read more about the history of modern day High Stakes Poker
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Financial Fairness

Gaming companies, are in a great business, the edge is in their favour, but for almost every corporation, greed has taken over and not a month goes by without more ludicrous policy changes being implemented, that equate to theft.

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No Account Dormancy Fees

"Safety" and Fraud Prevention Theft

Honest Exchange Rates

Whether it be unethical account dormancy fees that remove player balances after they don't login for a certain period of time, rip off exchange rates, or straight out theft of player balances in the name of 'safety' and fraud prevention, long term poker players have been forced to turn their back on our beautiful game.

HighStakes will practice Full Transparency

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Automated ID Verification

No more locked balances, instantly verify your ID within 5 minutes of opening your account.

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Instant Withdrawals

For any amounts under $500 to selected methods.

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No Account Dormancy Fees

Your money, will always remain yours.

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Financial Freedom

Deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and even access your account balance using the HighStakes Mastercard. This is in addition to most conventional payment methods.

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Forex Fairness

Transparent exchange rates and no shaving.

VIP Program that rewards Loyalty

The more HighStakes users play, the more coins they earn. Our VIP Program will never change without due notice.

Every year, all users begin equal, from January 1st to December 31st.

These coins can be spent in the store on a wide selection of items,

including isntant cash, tournament tokens, and high quality of HighStakes merchandise.

All merchandise will be sold at cost, as a token of appreciation for our users support of the quest to revive online poker.

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Who are We

After all this, you might be beginning to wonder, who the people behind HighStakes are?

Starting as poker players in 2006, we transitioned to working in the industry and over the last decade became disillusioned with what had become of our special game. As the industry became consolidated, each and every remaining company we turned to had no interest in the game itself, and upon the realization nobody else would step up to restore the game, HighStakes was born.

Without darkness, there cannot be light, and the greed and shortsightedness of those seek to change poker, is the spark that will ensure a bright future for our beautiful game.

A Revolution is Coming!

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