HighStakes to Launch Progressive Deposit Bonus Scheme

Blog - 25 Aug 2022

HighStakes is planning an innovative, progressive bonus scheme that rewards players based on how much they deposit. This kind of reward isn’t seen on any other comparable sites in the industry and promises to shake up how players think about what they get for supporting gambling sites.

Rather than getting just a first deposit bonus—up to $2,000 on HighStakes right now—and monthly bonus money based on wagering amount, players will now receive a generous package of freebies based on their gambling preference. 

Poker players will get a selection of MTT tickets; sports betting fans will get free bets; casino players will get cashback of varying levels. A single deposit can cater for users of every part of the HighStakes site.

HighStakes covers everything a gambler can ever need now. 

Also, don’t forget that we are giving away quality, branded merchandise every day in dedicated freerolls. Get stuck in and win yourself a package that contains at least a baseball cap, t-shirt, and some branded stickers.

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