Sami Kelopuro Takes on HighStakes All-Comers

Blog - 18 Aug 2021

While the live WSOP action continues unabated, the online beasts haven’t exactly been quiet themselves, Finnish nosebleed hero Sami Kelopuro involved in some massive pots on, but not having things all his own way…


The $100/200 No Limit Hold’em action on the site has been drawing quite some attention this week, Kelopuro being challenged by the likes of ‘dropdeed’ from the hand above and ‘nevitup88’ among others – the ‘Rabbit Hunt’ option on the site causing the latter to rue a ‘missed chance’


…although ‘nevitup88’ had the consolation of cracking Kelopuro’s aces in a $17k pot which could have been much higher if it weren’t for the strange-looking ‘7-2 game’ board


Kelopuro is a welcome addition to HighStakes, the Finn generally happy to play wherever and whenever he can get some action, Jason Mo, Luke Schwartz and Cole South among the big names on the site’s roster…


Kelopuro, who goes by the online nicknames ‘LarsLuzak’ and ‘LrsLzk’ on the other big sites, has been focused on PLO for the past few years, so NLHE might be the best place to take his money…although it will require balls of steel, as the following $90k pot shows…


…but Sami is certainly not scared to ask big questions of his own at the table…


Vegas may well be the focus of attention this month, but it’s not the only game in town!

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