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HighStakes Specials

One of the oldest trades in the world, betting and wagering have become a long lost art. We invite you to not only browse our special betting markets, but to also submit your own Specials via support.

🗳️ Trump to be President Elect
Yes 2
No 1.69
✅ Will Trump be Allowed to Run?
Yes 1.18
No 8.19
📈 Will the Final Televised Debate have Record Viewership?
Yes 1.33
No 2.81
🚫 Will Meta or X suspend Donald Trump's account before the 2024 Election?
Yes 2.39
No 1.66
🎙️ Will Donald Trump have a one on one Public Interview with Andrew Tate?
Yes 4.92
No 1.08
🎵 Kodak Black to Release Single with "Trump" in the Title
Yes 3.91
No 1.18
♀️Donald Trump to Announce Female Vice President Running Mate
Yes 3.88
No 1.29
👨 Tucker Carlson to be Trump's Vice Presidential Candidate
Yes 3.33
No 1.18
🔴 Donald Trump to be Republican Nominee
Yes 1.28
No 4.21
🇺🇸 Democratic Party to Win 2024 USA Election
Yes 2.08
No 1.72
☑️ Trump & Biden to both be official Presidential Nominees
Yes 1.95
No 1.95
🇺🇸 Joe Biden to be President of the USA on 1st of August
Yes 1.09
No 8.17
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