Bad Beat Jackpot

Blog - 18 Aug 2021

When you win you win, and when you lose… you win even more! That’s the biggest draw of Bad Beat Jackpots and here at HighStakes it could land you a massive bankroll boost in 2020.

BBJs as they are commonly known have created some of the most amazing rags to riches stories in poker – a $2/$5 cash game last year in Canada seeing quad queens on the turn scoop a huge share of the $1.375million when the river gave his opponent a Royal Flush!

What would have been the most painful of bad beats in a tournament became a life-changing stroke of luck – with everyone in the poker-room room sharing in the good fortune.

Another huge bonus of having a BBJ at your online cardroom is that it brings in players who otherwise might not want to play at your level.

That means, putting it nicely, relatively weak or weaker players at your table. Anyone and everyone can win a share of the BBJ, but while you’re waiting for the big one to land, you can try to take advantage of this factor.

But pay attention to this part… if you are hoping to bag your share of the huge Bad Beat Jackpots on HighStakes you’d best be sure you know the rules, because all BBJs have them in place to ensure there’s no jiggery-pokery going on.

Here’s what you need to know…

The Rules:

The Bad Beat Jackpot is rewarded when a player has at least a full house of AAA22 vs Quads or better.

Players must show hands to claim the BBJ. If the losing player mucks their hand the payout will not happen.

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  • Royal Flush: 100% BBJ is split.
  • Straight Flush: 50%
  • Quads: 20%

Payout splits

0-199bb stacks:

  • Loser receives: 50%
  • Winner: 25%
  • Other Players Involved in Hand and Seated: 2%
  • Rake: 1%
  • New BBJ: 0.03%
  • Room Fee: 0.02% Room Fee

200bb - stacks:

  • Loser receives: 70%
  • Winner: 10%
  • Other Players Involved in Hand and Seated: 5%
  • None acting players: 1%
  • New BBJ: 0.03%
  • Room Fee: 0.02%
  • Rake: 1%

BBJ Tables have a red and white star icon in the cash game lobby, and remember… win or lose, you’re always a winner when the BBJ lands!

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