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Blog - 18 Aug 2021

If your New Year resolution is to treat yourself to the poker site you deserve, then HighStakes has plenty to offer those who love action as well as fun at the table, and want all the trimmings that go with it – rabbit hunts and straddles and shootout tournaments among them.

HighStakes has become the go-to site for many of the highest stake players, but it caters for everyone, and takes cash game play as seriously as its well-known tournament offerings.

Looking for anonymity? Sorted. Run it Twice to reduce variance? Yup. Straddles and re-straddles to juice up the games? Not a problem.

Add in the super-fun Rabbit Hunt feature, where you can find out if your flush would have hit for example, and it’s all there for the taking.

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Moving on to the tournament fare on the HighStakes table, and as well as the classics you’ll find the hugely-popular Bounty and PKO formats – with an instant cash payout if you KO your favorite HighStakes pro!

If you are the type of poker player who likes a bit of gamble, there’s the one hand Lucky MTT to whet your appetite, and with rebuy, add-ons, re-entry and double re-entry events, all the bases are covered.

Here’s the HighStakes rundown in bullet form:

Cash Games

  • Run it twice
  • Anonymous
  • Rabbit Hunt
  • Straddle
  • Re-Straddle


  • Bounty
  • Progressive bounty
  • Shootout
  • Rebuy/Add ons
  • Re-Entry
  • 2X Re-Entry
  • One lucky hand.
  • Pro Bounty Prize

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