Features - 18 Aug 2021

HIGHSTAKES offer a comprehensive VIP program to reward our loyal players. Players earn 10 HS coins for every $1 of contributed rake. The more coins you attain the quicker you will be promoted through the VIP levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Red*), and each time you reach a new level you will receive bonus coins.

HighStakes TIP: Save up your coins for maximum returns!

HS coins can be redeemed in the VIP store for Instant Cash, Tournament Tickets & HIGHSTAKES Merchandise.

*VIP Levels reset every year

HighStakes TIP: Check the store daily for limited edition merchandise drops!

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HighStakes is not available in the following regions:
Afghanistan, Curacao, Iran, Netherlands & USA

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Check your local laws of the country you reside in before gambling for real money.
Use of a VPN or any tool(s) to circumvent this block is in breach of our terms and conditions and may result in your funds being seized, in addition to termination of your account.