How To Download HighStakes Onto IOS Devices

Blog - 07 Dec 2021

Please follow our step by step guide on how to download the HighStakes.Com IOS app.

Step 1: When on the HighStakes homepage it will recognise your device. Click download to begin. 


Step 2: Click Install

Step 3: Confirm Install

Step 4: Your device may not trust the app. To allow this please go to settings > general > device management. 

Step 5: Click on the app to trust. HighStakes will be named as below.

Step 6: Click on the link to trust. 

Step 7: Login and enjoy the games. 

Unfortunately, HighStakes is

Unavailable in your Area

HighStakes is not available in the following regions:
Afghanistan, Curacao, Iran, Netherlands & USA

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Check your local laws of the country you reside in before gambling for real money.
Use of a VPN or any tool(s) to circumvent this block is in breach of our terms and conditions and may result in your funds being seized, in addition to termination of your account.