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Play No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha up to $50/100 and enjoy low stakes tournaments.

Basic is a great starting point for your poker career and normally around 5,000 concurrent players can be found online.



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Nosebleed Action up to $1,000/$2,000

Invite Only Private Tables

5Card PLO


The same HighStakes VIP Program, Values & Cashout Times

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Here's what we Offer

Whether playing on HighStakes1 or Basic, users can expect first class quality throughout.



Move money between main wallet, casino and basic poker wallet and even make P2P transfers to stake your friends (accounts must be same currency and verified)



For every $1 or €1 paid in rake, users earn 100 coins. Enjoy a VIP Program, that actually rewards loyalty and level up to earn bonus coins that can be spent in store.


Run it Three Times

Play the board out three times when you're all-in - if both players agree, you can opt to Run it Three Times.



Raise the stakes by voluntarily posting a third blind. By straddling the pot with a blind raise before you've seen your hand, you're getting the action off to a good start.


Return of the Nosebleeds
(HighStakes1 Exclusive)

The biggest games in online poker are on HighStakes. Rail the best in the world, put their hard grinded profits on the line vs. up and coming challengers - Regs to rags, and rags to riches - The essence of online poker.


Timely Cashouts

Online poker takes skill. We don’t make our users wait around for their funds, and you can even check the average time of our last 10 processed withdrawals on the homepage.

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