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Slot machines are the most popular game played in casinos worldwide, and HighStakes has a selection of the very best slots that any online casino can offer.

Ranging from retro classics such as the 1980s themed ‘Bloodsport’ and the classic ‘Dragon Tiger’ all the way up to the futuristic Neon2077.

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Neon 2077

Get in your time machine and transport yourself to a Neo शहर...

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Resident Evil

Kill the Zombies in this Resident Evil Slot Game...

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Dragon Tiger

A Casino Classic. Bet on whether the Dragon or the Tiger will be...

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The Winning Methods

If you are a newcomer to online slots, you should know that although the house has an edge, it’s the casino game that has made more – and bigger – millionaires than any other.

Based on an RNG ensuring fair play, the skill in these games lies in learning how to work the free spins and gamble features to your advantage, with progressive jackpots the ultimate aim for those seeking a huge payday.

Famous slots winners

British soldier Jon Heywood hit the Guinness Book of Records back in 2016 when he landed a $20million+ payout, meaning the 26-year old could pay for the finest medical treatment for his ill father.

War veteran Elman Sherman went one better, scooping two jackpots – the first of $4.6million when he was 76-years-old. When he hit the ripe old age of 92, he landed another $21million on the very same jackpot.

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