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In this new era serious poker players are more aware than ever the extent that rake, fees, forex and other peripheral costs can cut into their bottom line.

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Date Start End
Thursday 17:00 CET 01:00 CET
Sunday 17:00 CET 01:00 CET
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Frictionless Environment to Profit

This is why HighStakes has teamed up with FCA Licensed Payment Processor, Luxon to create a frictionless environment for players to profit. By depositing and withdrawing funds via Luxon, players will pay little to no fees compared to other e-wallets and funding sources. Furthermore, by playing on happy hour tables only 1% Rake is Charged.

Happy Hour Benefits and Info

hours icon
Event Hours

Each Happy Hour Event lasts 8 hours

coins icon

Players can buy in for no less than 100bb

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Luxon Tables

New tables will be created for each Happy Hour with Luxon themed background and table title being “Happy Hour” with a table number in the title too

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Happy Hours Days

Happy Hours are run 2 times per week

rakeback icon
Extra Bonus

Players continue to receive 27% Rakeback on all Rake Paid during the Happy Hour - Making it even better value!P

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HighStakes Cash Tables

The Happy Hour Tables will disappear after the Happy Hours. The HighStakes cash tables continue on normal with an exceptionally rake

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Initial Stake

The player's initial stake is withdrawable at any time

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Table Etiquette

Good courtesy and table etiquette is expected. Any player deemed to have hit and run the table will be denied access to future Happy Hours, and HighStakes reserves the right to take further action if necessary i.e. If a hit and run is done immediately after winning a 200bb+ All In, the house may require the player to play 100 more hands (of any table of a similar stake) before withdrawing the profit

Stakes & Games

The following stakes and games are eligible for HighStakes Happy Hour, in association with LuxonPay logo


$0.25 - $0.50


$0.50 - $1


$1 - $2


$2 - $5


$5 - $10

Next Happy Hour starts in:









HighStakes Rakeback

HighStakes Promotions

  • All Rake generated during happy hour will go towards all HighStakes Promotions, such as the HighStakes Monthly Rake Race and other leaderboards.
  • Additionally, although a relatively small amount of rake will be paid it counts towards all player weekly 27% Rakeback Payments, which are received automatically on Monday morning.
HighStakes Luxon Table
Global Platform

The games should be friendly with players hailing from all around the world.

Impact of Rake

If players are seriously looking to completely minimise the impact of rake, they are encouraged to buy in deep.

Rake Tip

At some stage (especially on the NL500 table) the rake cap ($5 at 1%) will stop any serious proportion of the pot going towards the rake.

Rake Caps

The Rake caps are $5, $10 and $25 respectively, representing 1% of 1 x 100bb buy in.

Action Packed Tables

Regular Happy Hour users from Vietnam, Canada, and more confirmed, ensuring Happy Hour is always a satisfying experience.

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